JanasGem is an e-commerce solution based on WordPress and WooCommerce. Its primary purpose is marketing and sales of hand made jewellery made from natural materials. The site allows browsing trough jewellery categories or jewellery collections where you can view and buy items.


The main challenge was to design a beautiful site worthy of the items it is selling. It also had to be simple to use to enable shoppers easy browsing and buying of shop items. Since we are living in a modern age the site had to have the same simplicity and usability on both, desktop and mobile devices and across all modern browsers.

Except for the user interface and experience the second major challenge was to have an e-commerce system that could easily be managed by inexperienced users. We needed to have jewellery designers manage their orders, sales, stock and customer relations. This was important since jewellery designers needed to focus on designing and creating beautiful jewellery and not to waste too much time on managing the shop.



First, we choose WordPress and WooCommerce combination for the e-commerce solution. This is de facto industry standard when it comes to small and medium web stores and it enabled us both, compatibility with industry standards and rapid development. It also enabled us quick integration od systems like payment and shipping which can be easily done by using already available plugins.

Our designer designed a beautiful user interface which is perfect for displaying the type of jewellery the jewellery designers are creating. Developers folded the designs into a simple to use e-commerce system usable on any device. It enables users browsing, shopping and checkout in only a few clicks, with no need for registration. For users who need more a user account system was developed. This enables them to manage their account, orders, payment methods, addresses and more.


Once all work has been completed we ended up with a great looking and simple to use web shopping system which can be used by anyone, from anywhere and on any device. with advanced features for users who need them.

JanasGem JanasGem JanasGem JanasGem

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